Saturday, 9 April 2016

Transform Watch Nato Watch Strap UK

One of things that people dislike about the cheap Casio watches is the resin strap. They are excellent watches that everyone can afford, they last many years. But in my opinion the straps are the only thing that lets them down. They break after a while (although you will get a few years out of it), but the major annoyance is how uncomfortable some people find them. Resin straps do tend to rub the wrist a lot. That's why Nato straps can turn an uncomfortable to wear watch into one that will feel much better on the wrist. And look nicer too! A nylon Nato strap can literally transform a watch. Want to know more about Nato and Zulu straps? Check out the quick explanation video below.

A good idea is to buy a new Casio watch, like an F-91W (excellent little watch), use it until the strap breaks and then replace the strap with a Nato. They're actually really cheap to buy as well. While browsing on Amazon UK I seen a range of military style watches the other day made by a brand called INFANTRY. And for the price they look really good. I was shocked at how cheap they are.They also come complete with a nice nylon strap. Don't get me wrong,  INFANTRY watches are not going to be Rolex quality, not for so cheap, but for the price they are well worth it.

Of course, putting your digital Casio watch on to a Nato Strap isn't going to suit everybody. Nato straps look much more at home with analogue dial watches. So, if you're like me and hate to wear resin on your wrist maybe you should take a look at the INFANTRY range. The same company also sell a G10 4 Ring 20mm Nato strap separately. A good deal at around the same price as a cheap Casio.